Review : Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Panasonic makes great cameras, and the Lumix LX100 is no exception, offering solid image quality in a solid form factor. But it's not extraordinary, with a handful of flaws that make its high price hard to swallow.

Pocket-Lint calls the LX100 "bold and unapologetic," with TrustedReviews liking how they felt they were "hands dirty with the mechanics of photography" and said it feels like a "real" camera. But despite that air of sophistication, they also say that the controls are a "breeze" and Photography Blog calls it "veritable joy to shoot with."

But the images of those shoots might not be as much of a joy, with Digital Photography Review finding the "JPEG noise reduction and sharpening are rather crude at low ISOs" despite otherwise "excellent" image quality, and Pocket-Lint says it's "very good" but "not perfect." feels it lags "behind what we're used to seeing from Panasonic," though they note that in shooting 4K video it's "nearly a match for the Panasonic GH4."

The LX100 can be a delight to shoot with and you'll probably be very happy with the results despite some some minor flaws. It's just a matter of whether you'll be happy enough given the camera's high price.
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