Review : Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7

With its 10-megapixel sensor, the LX7 stakes out a middle ground in between Canon's PowerShot S110 and Sony's CyberShot RX100. In some respects, the LX7 is superior to the S110; it has a better movie mode, very fast autofocus performance, and one of the best lenses available in a compact camera, an f/1.4 from Leica. It also offers a full range of manual controls and creative options, including an effective HDR mode. Its low-light performance doesn't match that of the RX100, mainly due to its smaller image sensor. Which should you buy? We still consider the RX100 our top Must-have compact, but if your budget won't support a $650 camera, you're unlikely to be disappointed with the LX7.

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