Alexa Rank And Why It Is Important ?

What is Alexa Rank: 
Alexa ranking simply rank websites by the highest traffic, where the top Alexa ranking site today is Google with Alexa ranking of 1.It also give you the country specific ranking from the country that give you the most traffic. It is not really accurate because it uses the browser toolbar and extensions to measure traffic so it mean traffic from only users who have this toolbar or extension installed.

 Why Alexa Rank Is important :

         Alexa rankings might improve a website’s exposure. As an example, they can inform potential advertisement partners and even other webmasters about a website’s potential value. Sites with higher Alexa ranks become more likely to attract potential advertisement partners and/or marketing offers.

After Google Page Rank most of blogger care about Alexa Rank.I’m also working hard to improve Alexa ranking of TecPhlie, as a result Alexa rank is one among the vital factors that decides the standard growth of a blog or website.

Alexa rank is of great importance within the world of blogging. The standard of site or a blog, domain age, Google page rank, the score, etc., and another vital issue is decided based on numerous factors, just like the one that’s the Alexa ranking. Over 75th of advertisers to confirm the standard of your website or blog to visualize the Alexa ranking. Better the Alexa rank, the more you’ll get.

Improving a website’s Alexa ranking is a simple process, that can include:

  Downloading and installing the Alexa toolbar
               Download the Alexa toolbar and use it each day to visit your own web site. You’ll see how your rankings are shooting up in web world. Alexa even offers you the power to co-brand the toolbar along with your own brand and give it away. Download the toolbar here and see the difference in your traffic: 

  Webmasters are advised to search and visit their own site via the tool. Placing the Alexa widget on their site helps encourage site visitors to click on the widget, potentially counting toward building said Alexa rankings.

 Create quality and relevant web content. 
         It’s important to create web content that provides valuable information to web users. High quality web content helps encourage people to visit any website, increasing their overall web authority as a result. 

   Optimize the website.  
          Webmasters can’t get accurate or dramatic results without optimizing their site’s web exposure. The simplest optimization techniques involve inserting choice Alexa-related keywords and building a healthy list of backlinks.

  Encourage readers to add your Alexa listing for your own website.
       Encourage your web site guests to feature their positive testimonials on Alexa’s elaborated listings page for your site. This could be done by inserting a link to the suitable Alexa page on your site and asking audience to “Click here to rate this website”. You’ll find in depth Alexa page here:

 Alexa Rank depends on the percentage of your users that have the Alexa toolbar installed. So,even you are getting 1000 visitors day,and 900 of them don't have Alexa toolbar Installed,they will not be included.You need readers who have Alexa Toolbar installed on there system.
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