Apple Watch Will Launch In India

Apple Watch Finally Comes To India, Will Be Launched On November 6.

For long, Apple watch fanatics in India have been patiently waiting to put their hands on one of the world’s finest timepieces and it’s time that their patience must be paid off. The Cupertino giant, on its India website, has announced that the Apple watch will finally be released in India on November 6 and will thereafter be available for purchasing. 

However, there is no mention of the Apple Watch’s price on the official website. It is expected that the smartwatch will start at approximately Rs 30,000 in the country. It’s also not so clear as to where people will be able to buy the Watch at retail, since in India Apple sells consumer hardware only through resellers and stores-within-stores.

 Apple’s maiden smartwear will be available in two sizes (38 and 42 mm) and three editions, namely, The Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Sport, with the latter sporting a stronger Ion-X glass on the display. However, that doesn’t mean that the display on the other two versions are in any way fragile. The Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition both feature sapphire crystal displays to protect the screen from cracking. As for today, the Watch is witnessing a launch in Chile, the Philippines, and South Africa, following introductions in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on Thursday. It’s been 6 months since the launch of the Apple watch, and since then it has seen a relatively slow international expansion. 

Apple Watch is the most advanced timepiece ever created. Revolutionary new way to connect with others and a comprehensive health and fitness companion. Apple says it is the most personal device they’ve ever created. You can put up a customized face to your watch, of course, it’s your watch. You can also add a number of details to the face you choose. Like data, world clock, stopwatch, your next meeting and plenty more. Apple Watch also allows you to communicate immediately and much more intimately than ever before. If you’re an email junkie, you can read full emails. 

You can mark them in red, flag them or delete them. Furthermore, it allows you to pay with Apple Pay, view photos, music, and you can actually interact with Siri or maybe unlock your door.
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