Google announced Public Transport app

Google India has announced an all new Delhi Public Transport app that aims at making it easier for Delhi residents to get around on public transport.
The experimental app is being built into Google Maps. Google says it will help users get transit directions even when the connection is slow and data is difficult to access.
The app includes time table information as well as direction for Delhi Metro and buses which can be accessed even when offline. Getting information about directions between bus stops and metro routes is made possible even without Internet connection.
The app will use the same Transit data for DMRC metro, DTC buses, DIMTS (Orange) buses, and Gurgaon Rapid Metro as found on Google Maps. Once the app is downloaded, it claims to use no data for directions’ queries or timetables, even if the phone is online. However, a small amount of data is used for news alerts and user-optional feedback.
The Delhi Transport app is about 1MB in size and Android users can dowload it from the Google Play store. The app also includes a ‘share’ button that generates a link which can be shared via WhatsApp, allowing users to download the app directly even without a Google Play Store account.
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