How to share your blog's post on Social Media.

When I started TecPhlie, One of the problem that I faced initially was how can we automate the process of sharing post on social media platform like Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn so that our reach can expand. After digging internet a bit, I found a website, this  website can help you to increase your social presence and save lots of time .All you need to worry about is creating a good content and this tool will take care of rest. Here is step by step to use it:-

           First thing is you need is to create accounts on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn so your post can be shared on that account.

             Visit and sign up.

            After completing signup process,you will receive a verification mail on your registered email address,flow link present in it.That link will lead you to your account on twitterfeed.

             Create a New feed there,Give your feed a name and enter the Blog feed URL,
Your Blog feed URL looks like : http;// .You can configure the rate at which this feed will check your blog for update and posts,also you can put prefix and post fix after twitter posts,you can use this to put your twitter handle,as #FashionBlog or so, under Advance Option.

STEP 5: 
              Then click on continue to step 2,here you can configure your publication services including Twitter and Facebook.Authenticate your Facebook and twitter Accounts and click on create service.

Once these services are created,click on All Done button. That's it ,now your articles will shared automatically on twitter and Facebook as you publish them on your blog.Happy Blogging !!!

If you still face some issue,then comment it below.We will help you as soon as possible.Meanwhile you can share this post.

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