Quantico Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Run

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Why would you join the FBI if you had some huge secret to hide?
On Quantico Season 1 Episode 1, the recruits are tasked with uncovering the one thing that's redacted from another recruit's file. It's a hell of a way to get to know your fellow trainees, but it is a lot more fun than ice breaker games.
Here's what I don't get, Elder Eric. Why did you even join the FB
Sure, with Nimah, you suspect that there is some hidden agenda there. I'm not saying she is evil and up to no good (it would be far too obvious if that was the case), but no one makes a spur of the moment decision to fool everyone at the FBI by bringing their identical twin along and taking turns playing FBI trainee.
Nimah and her twin have something up their sleeve, but they were smart enough not to freak out whenever this assignment was brought up. They played it cool.
Eric doesn't understand playing it cool. He went nuclear.
It's hard to understand his motives. Why would he go through all those background checks and then join the FBI if he had such a huge secret like this? It's like he was asking to get caught.
Out of all the new recruits, he was the person I just really didn't understand. We heard why the FBI would have recruited a Mormon, but not why he wanted to be there. He seems to have just been included for shock value.
"This is the FBI, people die and things get intense. We hope you enjoy your stay."
I mean really? I'd rather we just had Caleb being told to leave because he was terrible at everything other than manipulation. That alone could have been dramatic and serious enough.

Gender neutral uniforms, a win for equality? I'm conflicted.
Other than Eric, we have a good group of recruits. They are all instantly likable or watchable. Most of the time whenever a new show has this many characters, you can't really get a sense of who they all are this quickly. Between the opening shots of everyone heading to Quantico and the interview exercise, we have a pretty good idea of who they all are.
This entire hour was about getting to know everyone. Odds are at some point we will start having cases of the week, but to start us off, the first case was just to profile and investigate everyone around you.
It was a smart move because after this one hour, I'm already invested. I want everyone to succeed and not to die, especially Simon. He's just too cute and perceptive. I worry about him. What's your impression of all the new recruits?

Alex: One: you're nice. No, your good manners probably come from growing up in a house full of women. No man taught you how to shave. Your stubble grows in different directions.
There's one thing I'm still not sure about – which storyline is set in the present? I thought I knew, and then I would change my mind ten minutes later.
With shows like How To Get Away With Murder, you know that you are in the present working your way to whatever insanity the flash forward showed. With Quantico, it could be the case that we're mainly set after the explosion, and Alex is simply remembering her time at Quantico in order to figure out who framed her.
Time jumps can be a tricky thing if not done correctly. Other than the "when is the present" issue, the time jumps are done well. We've got a mystery, and we will all be trying to figure out who set up Alex as the recruits go through their training at Quantico. Do you like the use of time jumps? Also, what storyline do you think is the present day: post explosion or Quantico?
What did you think of the premiere of Quantico? Will you be sticking around? Do you have any theories on who framed Alex? My money's on Liam.
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