Major SEO Misconception Explained

Search engine optimization is one of the main factors of making your blog profitable. For years, millions of people tried to make their site optimized for search engines and hope for the best. But sadly, only a very few of these people really succeeded on making their site seo worth it.

You might be wondering why and how right? Well, the main reason for a lot of people to fail in making their site productive is that they have fallen into SEO misconceptions and myths, and that's what I'll talk about in this post.

-Being on the first page of Google means I was successful on search engine optimizing my site.

Absolutely no! For some it could be yes, but if you hit first page on Google on a keyword that people don't even used to search your site for, then it is totally useless.

-My site is losing traffic, Google must be penalizing it.

Nope. Well, Google do penalize site for some heavy and valid reasons (like scam sites, pornography, etc.). But most of the time, your site is losing traffic because of your misled in constantly optimizing and updating your site's content.

-If a lot of traffic flow into my site, It would mean that I will make huge profit.

Well, think again! Having a lot of traffic flow on your site does not guarantee any profit especially if the traffic you get was un-targeted or you don't have a call to action on your site for the potential customer to take to. Remember, it's the amount of targeted traffic that counts!

-Any incoming links are productive and beneficial.

Not really! Search engine only accounts valid and not fraudulent incoming links. They only record incoming links from reputed sites (sites with pagerank) that has no record of penalty before.

-Parked domains that have been inactive for years have greater value than new ones.

Could be true, but it does not help you with search engines. It's a long myth that most people thought inactive domain names are profitable or easy to rank, but the fact is that search engine gives no credit at all to "inactive or parked" domain names, they only give credit to those with real contents.

And that's it folks! some wrong ideas that was previously thought on search engine optimization. Try not to fall into one of these and make your way to the search engine's first page.
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