Supernatural Seson 11 eisode 2 "Form and Void" : Review

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This show has such a raging boner for evil children. Admittedly, evil children are terrifying. Even non-evil children are pretty spooky. Buzzfeed did a whole list of creepy stuff children innocently decided to share with their parents. It was pure nightmare fuel
The Mark of Cain birthmark gave Amara's status away at the end of last week's premiere, but one question still remained: was Amara evil through and through or merely the unwilling vessel for an ancient supernatural force? "Form and Void" attempted to address that and right now it looks like eeeeeeevil is the name of the game. Amara eats souls. How nice. Does this mean we can count on a reappearance of our dear Souless Sam? Probably not, but it's nice to hope. Between this soul stuff and last week's references to Luci and Mike losing their shit in the cage, the odds are in our favor for Sam Winchester to get a little blotto on crazy... not that "Form and Void" had any shortage of that. 
It looks like Psychic Sam is a thing again. Sort of. He's at a loss for how to cure the Darkness infestation, watching civilian after civilian die a grotesque and disgusting death, and possibly hallucinating (and possibly not hallucinating) a reaper named Billie who promised to toss Sam and Dean into non-existence the next time one of them died because everyone on Death's payroll is getting really sick of their resurrection antics. Harsh. In fact, it's Billie's harshness that leads me to fall on the hallucination side of the debate. From Tessa to Death himself, we've seen nothing but begrudging respect and admiration from the reaper crowd towards the Winchesters. Death's compliments may have been laced with condescension and irritation, but he still showed up to reap Sam personally after the whole trials fiasco and gave the forever self-loathing boy with the demon blood a genuine compliment. 
Then again, Dean did kill Billie's boss. 
A lot of what Billie said though heavily invoked Sam's greatest fears and well-documented issues with self worth and identity. Sam Winchester admitted to feeling "unclean" when he was a freaking preschooler. The dude has issues and I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that he was projecting those issues at the height of the Darkness' influence over him. So, I'm just not buying Billie's spiel, but I will admit that if her promise to deny Dean and Sam Heaven OR Hell in the afterlife was true, well, that would certainly make things interesting as we move forward. I won't be mad. 
While Sam figured out that borderline self-immolation with holy fire will totally clear up that pesky zombie rabies, Dean took Jenna to her grandmother's house and then came running back once Amara started spelling creepy demands for food with building blocks, levitating baby swag, and oh yeah, eating everyone's soul. R.I.P. JENNA. Welcome to the legions of women Supernatural has killed just because. And no, slapping Hannah in a male meatsuit didn't make that angel sword to the face any better. This issue has been raised year after year. It's well documented old news. JUST STOP IT, SHOW. STOP. 
Supernatural has such weird issues with women. I'm not going to rant, I promise, because I've ranted so many times in the past (and so has half the Internet) but the fact that Supernatural only really offers two flavor of female: sainted Mother Mary and then everyone else—and regardless, they're all dead anyway—is just sad and a little bit funny in a terrible way. In other news, I'm still bitter about Charlie. OH, BUT BECKY THE HUMAN PARODY IS STILL ALIVE. 
I hate this show. 
Lucky for Supernatural, I'm a TV masochist who wants to touch Jared Padalecki's butt, so it all works out. The usual dumb female problems aside, "Form and Void" picked up where "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire" left off and gave shape to the amorphous plot point that the Darkness and Amara presented. It also didn't waste anymore time tormenting Castiel at the hands of the prep-school angel boys, finally reuniting him with his precious, precious Winchesters. MORE PLEASE. 


– I was so confused about the "candy" Crowley was offering to tween-Amara and then it clicked and I laughed because I love when this show is twisted, demented, and kind of sick. 
– I just need Dean to be constantly holding a baby—even an evil baby. Because reasons. 
– What do you think? Was Billie real or imagined? 
– If only the oldest archangels know what the Darkness is/was, then how the heck does Cas know? 
– I actually forgot Metatron was still out there. 
– Can we not have Dean develop weird emotional attachments to soul-eating demon babies/ killer Amazonian fruits of his loins? He already has enough surrogate daddy issues with Sammich. 
– Father Crowley was great. 
– So now that Castiel is back in the Winchesters' club house, can he get an actual storyline started or are we just going to keep doing the homicidal-maniac-punching-bag routine? 
– Is Sam communing with God or just having a stroke or something?
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