edX launches Professional Certificate Programs

The latest offering to further their mission to increase access to education that today’s global, connected learner demands. Professional Certificate programs are a series of in-demand courses designed to build or advance critical skills for a specific career. Created by industry leaders and top universities, Professional Certificate programs help develop the skills and actionable knowledge needed for today’s top jobs through a flexible and affordable online learning experience. Offered in exciting fields, like digital marketing, virtual reality and data science, edX Professional Certificates are endorsed by corporations, including HSBC, GitHub and The North Face, and recognized for real career relevancy.          
Professional Certificate programs are tailored for specific jobs and particular career paths, offering skills-based education in the fields where today’s employers are seeking top talent. After completing a Professional Certificate program, you can be confident that you have gained the actionable knowledge you will need to make a powerful impact on an organization. You can demonstrate this skillset to employers by including your Professional Certificate on a resume, CV or LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievement and stand out from the crowd.
edX has launched 15 Professional Certificate programs from 13 universities and companies across the globe! Explore the new program offerings in the most in-demand fields and gain the skills you need to stand out in your field today. Enrollments for this course have already started.

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